Flexible Layout Options


This template features several layout options. You will have the option of presenting your content or any particular page on your website in one of the configurable 3 column, 2 column or full width layout options. Assigning a layout to a profile is quick and easy.

Selecting a layout style here will apply this layout for all pages of the demo site.

3 Column Layouts:

Content-Left-Right Left-Content-Right Left-Right-Content
Content-Left-Right Left-Content-Right Left-Right-Content

2 Column Layouts:

Left-Content Content-Right
Left-Content Content-Right

Managing Layouts:

layout_options_smallLayouts can easily be applied to any profile and then be assigned to any page of your website. You can even duplicate (clone) or edit layouts directly from the backend without modifying the core template itself.

To view or change the layouts, open up the template parameters page in the backend and click on the layout tab.

This template has layouts suitable for both desktop and mobile device web browsers.

Module Border

This module has a module class suffix of:

Style Remix

This module has a module class suffix of:
mod-border badge-new.

No Suffix

This module has no module class suffix applied,
so there is no border or any special styling.
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