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Template Installation

  1. To install the template, login to the joomla administrator backend and select: Extensions > Extension Manager
  2. Click Browse to locate your template file on your computer.
  3. Once you have selected the file, click the Upload File and Install button to begin the template installation.
  4. Once the template has been installed, a brief success message is displayed.
  5. To activate your new template, click on Extensions > Template Manager.
  6. You should now see your new template listed as one of the options.
    1. Click to select the radio box on the left of your template.
    2. Click the Default icon (“star”) on the top right of the page.
    3. You should now see a star appear next to your selected template. This means that the current template is the default template for your website.
    4. Go to your website front-end (homepage) and verify that your new template has indeed been installed correctly.

Module: Menu

To set the main navigation menu, publish a menu module in the nav module position. This module can cater for multi-level dropdown menus as well, and should you require dropdown menus for your site, Set the to Yes under the module's basic settings.

Module Options (Details Panel):

  • Module Position: nav
  • Show Title: hide
  • Status: Published

Parameters (Basic Options):

  • Show Sub-menu Items: Yes <- Set this if you require drop-down menus!

Parameters (Advanced Options):

  • Menu Tag ID: hnav
  • Menu Class Suffix: nav
  • Module Class Suffix: (leave this empty)

Module Positions

This template has one main sidebar that houses eight indvidual module positions. These are (from top-top bottom and left to right):

  • Top
  • Header
  • Nav (for Navigation)
  • Search (for Search)
  • Left (generic)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Right (generic)
  • Footer (footer Navigation)

Module Positions

Additionally, you may also publish the pathway/breadcrumbs in the breadcrumbs module position above the content area.

Module: Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs module should be published in the breadcrumbs position. Note that by default, the breadcrumbs will not be shown on the homepage of the template.

Module: Top

The top menu is positioned in the TOP module position.

There is no need to set any additional menu parameters for this menu module position, however, this menu does not support sub-menus, so be sure to disable sub menus under the menu parameters.

Layout Options

Adjusting the width of the sidebars for this template is as easy as selecting the width from the dropdown paramter under the template's Administration parameters:

Extensions > Template Manager > Neutrino

This template supports the following preset widths for each of the sidebars:

  1. 0px (sidebar disabled)
  2. 100px
  3. 160px
  4. 220px
  5. 280px
  6. 340px
  7. 400px
  8. 460px

Color Options

This template supports unlimited color configurations. The color can be set under the template's Administration parameters:
Extensions > Template Manager > Neutrino

Here, you will be able to set the foreground accent color, the menu navigation text color and the background image pattern to suit your websites profile.

Module Variations

The default module style for the left and right columns has a light gray background. To change this, you may apply the following module class suffixes to any of the modules displayed in the right or left positions:

  • nobg - This will hide the background color and module border completely. This style is ideal for displaying images within a module position.
  • modborder - This will hide the module's background color but will still display a border around the module.

Module class suffixes can be under the Advanced Options panel of a module's settings page. When adding a module class suffix for this template, it is preferred to prefix it with a space " ". So the above module class suffixes will look like " nobg" (without quotes).

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