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Template Installation

  1. To install the template, login to the joomla administrator backend and select: Extensions > Install / Uninstall
  2. Click Browse to locate your template file on your computer.
  3. Once you have selected the file, click the Upload File and Install button to begin the template installation.
  4. Once the template has been installed, a brief success message is displayed.
  5. To activate your new template, click on Extensions > Template Manager.
  6. You should now see your new template listed as one of the options.
    1. Click to select the radio box on the left of your template.
    2. Click the Default icon (“star”) on the top right of the page.
    3. You should now see a star appear next to your selected template. This means that the current template is the default template for your website.
    4. Go to your website front-end (homepage) and verify that your new template has indeed been installed correctly.

Color Options

Pangea supports 16 preset color configurations. The color can be set under the template's Administration parameters:
Extensions > Template Manager > Pangea

Best of all, its easy to extend these and create your own color schemes to your liking. To add or modify a color scheme, open any of the stylesheets under the /templates/pangea/styles/ folder and edit the colors within the stylesheet.

Layout Options

Adjusting the overall width of the template is as easy as changing the Template Width dropdown paramter under the template's Administration parameters:
Extensions > Template Manager > Pangea

This template supports three preset widths:

  1. 760px
  2. 960px
  3. Fluid (100% of screen width)

K2 Configuration

To make use of the built in K2 styles, you will need to disable the default K2 CSS. This can be done by selecting Disable under K2's global configuration settings (Components > K2 > Parameters). Note that is not mandatory - it will eliminate duplicate styles being loaded for the K2 component.

Thereafter, when creating a new category under K2, you may select one of the built-in K2 layout templates from within the K2 category layout dropdown menu options. The two options that you may select are

  1. Blog Layout
  2. Original Layout

Module Positions

This template has one main sidebar that houses seven indvidual module positions. These are:

  • User4 (for Search)
  • Menu (for Navigation)
  • Left (generic)
  • Accordion (generic)
  • Bottom (generic)
  • User1 (generic) - New module added in version 1.2
  • User2 (generic) - New module added in version 1.2

User1 and User2 modules can both accomodate upto 5 modules tiled horizontally.


Additionally, you may also publish the pathway/breadcrumbs in the breadcrumbs module position above the content area.

Module: Menu

To achieve the menu animation and display the menu as shown in the pangea demo website, the site's main menu should be published in the Menu module position.

Additionally, the Menu's module parameters should have the following settings:

  • Menu Style: List
  • Menu Class Suffix: <blank>
  • Module Class Suffix: _menu

Finally, you can enable or disable the javascript animation on the menu through the templates administation parameters (Extensions > Template Manager > Pangea)

Module: Accordion

This template has an accordion module position in the left sidebar. If you have a lot of module published in the sidebar, it may be useful to enable the accordion module so that you may use the space effectively. The accordion module can be published or unpublished from the template administator's parameters (Extensions > Template Manager > Pangea). If you do not intend to make use of this module, then its best to leave this setting as Disabled so that it will not load the accordion javascript.

Module: Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs module should be published in the breadcrumb position. Note that by default, the breadcrumbs will not be shown on the homepage of the template.

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