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Business 2.0

  • Flexible Layouts

    Flexible Layouts

    Easily change the width of the sidebars or even hide a sidebar!

  • Clean Color Styles

    Clean Color Styles

    Select from 4 foreground themes and 18 hand-picked background presets.

  • Kitted out K2

    Kitted out with K2!

    K2 styling built into the theme complements the built-in styles.

  • Module Positions Everywhere

    Flex Module Positions

    There are 16 strategic module positions with 4 spotlight locations.

  • Module Styles

    Collapable Modules

    All modules on this template are completely collapsable.

  • Module Styles

    Module Styles

    Hand crafted module styles to complement the design of your site.

  • Great Typography

    Great Typography

    Typographical styles highlight content or add emphasis to your content.

  • Awesome Web Fonts

    Awesome Web Fonts

    Use any font from hundreds of high-quality google web fonts.

  • SEO Friendly

    SEO Friendly

    Source ordered column layouts for maximum SEO impact!

  • Mobile Ready

    Mobile Ready

    Built-in mobile friendly theme for visitors using a mobile device.

  • Flexible Layouts

    Rock Solid Support

    Extensive documentation available online and support via our forum.

Modules Layout Map

This template has 16 individual module positions with 4 flex module positions as shown below:

Business 2.0 Joomla 3 Module positions

Template Parameters (settings)

Below are the template parameters you can adjust for this template.You can find these by going to Extensions → Template Manager → Business 2.0.

Business 2.0 Joomla 3 Template Parameter Settings


--- 1.2 - 2 Jan 2015 [J3] ---
+ Joomla 3.3 Compatibility
+ Included a Joomla 3.3 Quickstart

--- 1.1 - 1 Jul 2013 [J3.1] ---
+ Included a Joomla 3.1 Version

--- 1.0.6 - 16 Oct 2012 [J2.5] ---
+ Added html override to allow background images (thanks twodogs!)
+ Fixed rendering bug on input boxes on advanced search page 
+ Updated image slider to ver 2.0 in quickstart package

--- 1.0.5 - 10 Oct 2012 [J2.5] ---
+ Fixed SEF bug with custom background images (thanks twodogs!)
+ Fixed bug with mobile theme when email address is present on page
+ Updated quickstart package to v2.5.7 and K2 to 2.6

--- 1.0.4 - 26 Mar 2012 [J2.5] ---
+ Added com_finder overrides
+ Added Styling for SmartSearch Module and Component 
# Removed module title div if module title not present

--- 1.0.3 - 8 Mar 2012 [J2.5] ----
+ Added module class suffixes for User1, User2 & User4
# Fixed links to showcase slider/next previous button images 
# Updated jquery mobile link to fixed version 1.0.1
# Fixed missing favicon and images on offline page
# Fixed path for favicon and module bg image

--- 1.0.2 - 27 Dec 2012 [J2.5] ----
+ Added google analytics to offline page
+ Added pagination.php override file
# Changed bottom content background on silver theme

--- 1.0.1 - 21 Feb 2012 [J2.5] ----
#Fixed CSS and JS Paths for SEF

--- 1.0.0 - 21 Feb 2012 [J2.5] ----
Initial Release
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